You asked, we built. New features awaits!

It’s been a productive year, and I hope you feel the same. Now is a good time to reflect on what has been accomplished during the last year, but also take a look at what’s coming up. Alexis’ product is evolving quickly and we are thankful for the feedback we get from our customers, making it possible for us to build a service with features requested by the amazing HR community. Our improvements make it a good idea to revisit AlexisHR to check out the new updates. Which one is your favorite in the list below?

Custom onboarding

Top list of requested features we delivered during 2021

  1. Customized onboarding - Create onboarding experiences with your visual identity and enhance imported information by using interactive content. Automate workflows and greet new hires by sharing and collecting custom information based on role, location, or other factors. 
  2. Customized review - Create templates and collaborate across the entire organization. Follow up conversations and schedule frequent check-ins, no matter whether it’s 1:1s, 360 reviews, or any other feedback loops.
  3. Alexis Hub - With already available integrations and our open API you can connect any other tool in your toolbox. SSO and user provisioning enable you to manage multiple accounts with just one click. 

There are more smart product updates to check out:


  • Public API - Enabling customized data exchange between applications 
  • Azure & Okta App - Connects HR with IT and simplify workflows across organizations
  • SCIM provisioning endpoints - Simplifies user experience by automating lifecycle management 
  • SSO via SAML2.0 - Single sign-on via Alexis to access multiple applications


  • Dashboard - Better overview, task management, and announcement functionalities
  • Chatbots - Manages tasks and communication via  Teams & Slack 
  • Crossfunctional teams - Manage flexible and agile collaboration across the entire organization

Major updates

  • New Onboarding - Design and custom onboarding to simply workflows and strengthen employer branding
  • New Review - Increased collaboration, transparent communication and more insights
  • Custom fields and Profile Templates - Add and tailor any relevant company information to employee profiles
  • Scalability enhancements - Additional features such as time zones, workweeks, custom holidays, and multiple company setups help you expand and grow in an agile way
Time Management - Clock in & out projects

We are happy to announce some of the unique features that will appear in Alexis platform during Q1:

Coming up next

  • Document handling- Upgraded document management: Drag & drop feature to handle documents, create folders, and tailor permission and access rights as well as set expiration dates, document creation  
  • E-signing - Create your own documents and use e-signing to seal important agreements. Handle everything in one place
  • Project-based time reporting - Use clock in/out, keep track of time spent on projects, overtime and approval flows 
  • We also work on salary review, succession planning, and much more!

Phew, sorry for the wall of text! 
But we are super proud of all of the above features and our amazing new clients that worked with us during the year. NA-KD, Dryft, Capcito, Candela and Grebban to mention a few. Now let's kick of 2022 with a bang and make it the best year in your career. Let us know if Alexis can help - book a meeting here! 🚀

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