Engagement surveys via &frankly

Easily get started with employee engagement surveys using Alexis combined with &frankly.

Why Surveys

When employees are engaged, they work with more passion, dedication, and deliver higher results. By measuring engagement and eNPS, you can gain insight into your employees' well-being, overall satisfaction, and proactively address areas of improvement. By combining Alexis and &frankly, you gain access to comprehensive solutions that are seamlessly integrated and optimized to perform in their respective fields.

Stay connected to your company's heartbeat

Create a culture of feedback and a workplace with engaged employees.
Tune into team insights, proactively address concerns and celebrate wins.
Boost productivity and drive profitability through employee engagement initiatives.

One click, two click, three clicks, done.

Kickstart your engagement journey with &frankly’s ready-made and science-based questions. Easily adjust questions to align with your goals and conditions, ensuring relevance to your company.

Instant access to insightful data

With powerful reporting capabilities in &frankly, you get the insights you need to make accurate decisions. Get spoiled with results delivered via email or Slack, or analyze your data in a comprehensive dashboard showing comparisons, trends, benchmarks, and KPIs.

Anonymous? Always.

Anonymity is something we take very seriously. &frankly has developed an extensive Integrity Framework to make sure every individual always feels safe sharing their honest opinion. It’s reliable, trustworthy and a leader in its domain.

Yet again, it's all about easy access.

Whether on the go or at their desks, people can effortlessly receive questions directly in Slack, ensuring easy access at all times. And with timely notifications, we make sure surveys don't get lost in your employees' to-do lists.

A world-class employee experience

&frankly is designed with your employees in mind, making it super easy to use. This way, giving feedback is engaging and fun, leading to more people taking part. Plus, they can respond in the language they know best.

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