Simplify HR with Alexis and Slack

Integrate Alexis with Slack and open up an entirely new toolbox. Simplify people operations for everyone while still ensuring that everything is registered correctly.
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A chatbot experience

Keeping up to speed with all tools and processes at work can be hard. Help managers and employees stay focused on their most important tasks, minimize tool switching and improve efficiency.


A chatbot to resolve tasks

Give people in your organization the comfort of managing their HR tasks via Slack. Enable self-service and streamline operations while Alexis runs in the background.
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Time management

Absence and attendance at your fingertips

With Alexis integrated to Slack, people can request and approve time off, submit and approve timesheets or check their vacation balance with just a few clicks. Save time and improve the experience while still ensuring that everything is registered correctly and your absence data is accurate.
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Reaching people where they already work

Let Alexis meet your employees and managers in a tool they use every day. With flexible notification settings people can select how they want to be notified and ensure they’ll never miss a review to answer, timesheet to submit or employee onboarding.
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 Daily and weekly updates

Keep everyone in the loop

Add the Alexis bot to company or team channels for a daily or weekly digest. Give your employees an easy way to puzzle out who's working from home, on vacation, or out sick. Celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, and new joiners. You decide what updates you want and where you want them posted.
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