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In today's competitive landscape, companies are highly dependent on their people. Managers are expected to deliver exceptional results on one hand and care for well-being, motivation and engagement on the other. Administrative tasks often take time away from more valuable activities. Enable managers to focus on leading their teams by simplifying HR processes.


Fuel growth with feedback & alignment

Empower managers to help their team grow with Reviews and Goals in Alexis. Gather valuable insights with ready-to-use review templates or create your own personalized templates. Set company, team and individual goals to provide clarity and direction. Reach your most important targets with tools that drive performance in each team.
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Slack & Teams

Minimize tool switching

Keeping up to speed with all the tools and processes in modern organizations is difficult. Help managers focus on their most important work by making it possible to handle simple tasks in Slack or Teams. Minimize switching tools to save time.
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Time management

Streamline time and attendance

The last couple of years has shifted how people work. Managers want an easy way to stay connected with their team, whether they work in the office, remotely, or hybrid. Give managers the full picture of their teams’ absence and attendance in an intuitive platform.
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Reminders to stay on top

Enable managers to stay focused on their tasks currently at hand, knowing we'll notify them well in advance of the next review, timesheet submission or employee onboarding. Plus, they can choose to be reminded via email, Slack, Teams, or across all channels.
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