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AlexisHR is the people platform that blends into your organization.
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Tailor AlexisHR to your needs

Implementing an HR tool shouldn't mean that you have to completely change your way of working. AlexisHR is designed to meet the needs of dynamic and ever-changing organizations. Customize the platform to your current processes and adapt it as your company evolves.

Access rights

Create custom roles

It's important to share employee information only with those who need it. But as a company grows, so does the number of people who need access to certain information. Create custom roles with tailored settings and ensure your colleagues have the right amount of access. Streamline operations knowing that private information is kept secure.
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Absence and attendance

Simple time management

Create time policies and processes that match your company's specific needs. Set and assign timesheet policies, leave types, and company holidays for employees in different teams, countries, or employment types.
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Documents & E-signing

Designed to save you time

Store, create and sign employee agreements, documents or policies in one place. Add expiration dates and customize permissions to ensure that only the right people have access. Set up contract templates with automatic placeholders and let the system fill out the necessary details. Save time and simplify knowing that all your documents are safely stored.
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Flexible templates

Forget about inflexible onboarding processes. Customize templates for different teams, roles or locations. Easily adjust details along the way and make sure everything runs smoothly. Give all new employees the start they need to thrive at work.
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Personalized growth

Find your way of working with feedback and development. Create review templates for specific teams, decide when to activate a cycle, how often it should run, and which employees to include. Customize the questions, notifications, and more to provide the tools each team needs to grow.
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Custom fields 

Keep employee data organized  

Gather everything you need to know about your employees, from equipment to qualifications or allergies and t-shirt sizes. With custom fields in Alexis, you can easily configure what to collect and from whom. Always within reach for employees to access and for HR to export.

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