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Use turnkey integrations or build your own for the tools you use the most. Alexis' well-documented API opens up new possibilities.


Alexis was built with the idea of making people administration effortless, simple and quick. Integrate with a wide range of software to make sure that information streams seamlessly. From recruiting to user provisioning, or Slack and Teams integrations. Connect to the tools your people use every day and reach them where they already work.



Effortlessly export employee, time and leave data from AlexisHR into Fortnox, simplifying and automating key aspects of your payroll processes.

PE Accounting

Make payroll run easy with Alexis & PE Accounting. Send employee information, and time off data to PE Accounting with just a few clicks.

Visma Nmbrs

Simplify payroll with employee data export from Alexis to Visma Nmbrs. Save time from manual work and make sure your data stays correct.

Crona Lön

Easily export employee and time off data from AlexisHR's in PAXml format and import to Crona Lön for smooth payroll processes.

Kontek Lön

Easily export employee and time off data from AlexisHR's in PAXml format and import to Kontek Lön for smooth payroll processes.

Visma Lön 600

Transfer time off data from AlexisHR to Visma Lön 600 to save time and simplify payroll.

Visma Agda PS

Export employee data from AlexisHR to Agda PS helping you ensure accurate and timely payroll processing.

HogiaLön Plus

Export time off data from AlexisHR and import to HogiaLön Plus for a smooth payroll process.


Easily export data from AlexisHR using the versatile PAXml format, prepared for import into Swelön.


Use the flexible PAXml format to export data from AlexisHR, making it ready for import into MaxPA.


Export data from AlexisHR in the versatile PAXml format, ensuring compatibility with all programs that support PAXml imports.


Easily export employee and time off data from AlexisHR to Xledger and simplify your payroll process.

Söderberg & Partners

Simplify payroll with employee data export to Söderberg & Partners. Save time from manual work and make sure your data stays correct.


Synchronize employee details, time off data, and custom fields from AlexisHR to your payroll system through Twine.


Automatically sync employee and salary information from AlexisHR to Payap to save time and keep your data correct.

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Get instant access to AlexisHR through our AI-powered Slackbot, streamlining everyday HR tasks for your entire organization.


Get instant access to HR-related tasks with Alexis integrated to Teams. Receive notifications and ensure you never miss a review to answer or a time off request to approve.

Identity & User provisioning

Microsoft Entra ID

(Previously Azure AD)
Simplify work for HR and IT teams with our integration to Microsoft Entra ID. Import and synchronize users to and from Entra ID.


Experience one of the industry's leading integrations to Okta, simplifying HR and IT with User Provisioning and Single Sign-On.

Google Workspace

Enable SSO, Calendar integration and our Google Provisioning feature that allows for automatic creation of company email addresses for new employees.



Seamlessly import candidates from Teamtailor to AlexisHR with this outstanding integration, optimizing your hiring and onboarding processes.


Syncs with your employee data in AlexisHR's, ensuring that your information in Lernifier is accurate and up-to-date.

More integrations


Set up this integration to send employee data from AlexisHR and ensure that your Eletive account is up-to-date.


Transfer data from AlexisHR to Sysarb and streamline the preparation of your employee data and organizational structure in Sysarb.


Through daily checks of changes in AlexisHR, the assistant ensures that the administration of salaries, employment and pensions is correct.


This integration automates and makes sure employees in QBIS are synchronized with AlexisHR.


Effortlessly sync employee data from AlexisHR and keep users and team structures in Brilliant updated.


Integrates with AlexisHR for automatic synchronization of employee data.


Use this integration to make sure your Ravio account stays up-to-date and synchronized with your employee master data in AlexisHR.


Start Evali tests directly from your Alexis account and have the results automatically stored in your profile for convenient access.

AlexisHR API

Read more about our API here.

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