Tomorrow's time management

With Alexis' time management, you handle everything that has to do with time associated with the employees.

Customized policies & flows

Tailored to your organization

Create tailored holiday & time reporting policies
Fully customizable for international teams
Overview and handle tasks efficiently


Simplify for employees & managers

Automated flow from Slack and Teams to your payroll system
Overall view with filtering for easy holiday planning
Notifications for overlapping holidays

Chatbot integrations

Slack & Teams

Request time off from your favourite communications tool
Instant approval flows for managers
Quick and easy access


Smarter planning

Notify when employees work in the office or at home
Increased transparency when it comes to vacation days
Sync calendar for smarter holiday planning



Clock in & out sessions if enabled via policies
View submitted recordings and detailed data for the selected period or access missing entries
Entries links to your timesheets


Discover trends

See the trends of your team's time-off for better planning
Flags for potential long-term absence
Notifications in case of too many saved vacation days

Time reporting

Valuable insights

Create custom time reporting policies
Smooth time management for both employees and managers
Detailed exports for payroll management

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