Connect HR and payroll with Alexis & Fortnox

Simplify people operations with Alexis to enable intuitive task handling in your favourite communication tool.
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One source of truth

Payroll requires precision and care. Without the right tools in place, running payroll can quickly turn into a slow and demanding task. Alexis plays well with your payroll system and transfers your data with a simple click. Stress-free, effortless and accurate.

How it works

Track time & attendance

Your employees report working hours or absence in AlexisHR

Transfer your data

Export the payroll report from Alexis to Fortnox with a simple push of a button

Payroll made easy

Simplify your pay cycle and save time from administrative work

Synchronize information

Fast and reliable payroll for your team

Stop spending time scrolling through spreadsheets or switching between multiple tools. Alexis automatically stores and sorts payroll data that connects with Fortnox. Simplify and save time by working with one single source of information.
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