Visualize employee data in real time

With the help of Alexis' visualizations, you can stay one step ahead and early address both strengths and weaknesses within the company.

People Analytics

Strategic decisions are often made better when backed by well-founded data. In Alexis, you can turn any data into actionable insights. Easily detect trends or patterns with automatic absence alerts and become more proactive.

Data-driven decision-making

Get the full picture and stay on top of your people statistics
Use data to make better decisions that helps your people and company to grow
Valuable insights that helps you work strategically and proactively 


Visualize insights

Deep dive into aggregated HR data
Support strategic decisions with relevant input
Share & present relevant information with management team


Create automagical reports

Create smart reports with custom information
Export any data you want for analysis


Discover trends

Alerts that help you detect patterns well in advance
Make sure the right information is collected
Automated data retrieval feeds

Access rights

Grant access to custom reports

Certain employee information should be kept private and visible only to a few. But always asking the few colleagues with full access to export insights becomes time-consuming and complicated. With Alexis, you can create a tailored administrator role to manage reports for a group of employees based on their team, country, or any other criteria. Customizable settings make it easy for you to define which details they can view and export.

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