A reliable whistleblowing solution

Empower people to speak up and create a workplace that enables your people and business to thrive.


Give people surrounding your organization a safe and secure channel to speak up anonymously about concerning behavior. Alexis’ integrated feature Whistleblowing allows your organization to establish trust with your people and stay compliant with regulations. Easily set up a Whistleblowing channel that is accessible, easy to use and secure.

Build trust for a better workplace

Boost loyalty and engagement with responsible tools and processes
Investigate reports instantly and proactively address risks in your organization
One platform to manage all your people-related processes

Submit a case

Flag for concerning behaviour

Submit cases easily and stay anonymous throughout the process
Possibility to attach documents, images or audio files to provide all the details
Follow the progress of your case with email notifications

Case assigned

Simple case handling

Overview and manage cases
Ask follow-up questions or send answers with the dialogue functionality
Assign a trusted case handler internally or externally

Intutive & secure

Responsible processes in a secure platform

Distribute your own Whistleblowing link on your channels to make it accessible
Apply your logo to your unique Whistleblowing page for a unified look 
Confidential and GDPR compliant handling

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