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Simplify people operations with Alexis and enable intuitive task handling in your favourite communication tool.

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Our AI-powered solution delivers instant access to HR information and support through a conversational chatbot interface, making it easy for everyone in your organization to get the answers they need when they need them.

The insights you need. Just when you need them.

It’s never been more convenient to make data-driven and well-informed decisions. Ask for the insights you need and get it delivered instantly.
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Complete your
to-do's in seconds

Managing your team can be effortless. Need to double-check when the probation period for your new employee ends? No problem. Want to update someone's title or salary? Piece of cake.

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Feel free to write like the human being you are. Yes, in any language.

Not sure if it’s called “compensation” or “salary” in your HRIS? Doesn’t matter. Just write and we’ll make sure you get the answer you need. With the ability to write in any language, our chatbot can easily adapt to a global workforce, making it an inclusive solution for any team.

Compliant? Without a doubt.

Our AI bot is designed to give you personalized responses based on your role and permissions, ensuring you get the information you need while keeping your data private and confidential.

Shielding HR
from everyday questions

Working in HR can be challenging. Balancing urgent matters while still focusing on long-term projects. One of the most time-consuming tasks is day-to-day questions from employees and managers. By letting Alexis AI Assistant handle daily inquiries, you can devote your time to the important initiatives you're working on.

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