Organize documents

Share information, collaborate and manage permissions for teams and coworkers at ease with Alexis documents feature.


Managing documents is a central part of every business but can easily lead to a time consuming and administrative burden. With Alexis, you can bring your most important documents together in one space. Upload, create, set expiration dates and make sure that people have access to the right documents and folders. Rest assured knowing that everything is safely stored in Alexis while still easily accessible.

Easy, reliable and future-proof handling

Simplify document management and become GDPR-compliant
Store and organize all employee documents in one secure platform
Easy access to, for example, employment agreements and company policies

Documents management

Store, update, and manage your documents

Never miss a deadline with expiration reminders set to files, folders and links
Manage file permissions on individual, team or company levels
Drag & drop files into folders for collaboration

Centralized storage

Single source of information

One unified experience handling files, and links equivalent
A GDPR compliant and safe way to share documents and sensitive data
Store in My Documents, Company Documents or Shared Documents

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