Boost performance with goals

Set measurable goals to provide direction, track progress and keep employees aligned.


Without clear goals, teams work in different directions. Connect everyone to your company's vision, mission, or key objectives with Goals in AlexisHR. Bring clarity and context to employees' work and boost engagement with purpose. Tie company, team, and individual goals together to create transparency and align all teams to achieve outstanding results. The feature is flexible and designed to support OKRs, SMART goals, or any other framework you might use.

Create a culture that fuels growth

Engage, align and inspire employees while creating a better workplace
Drive performance and increase accountability with measurable goals
Track progress across all teams to proactively address potential blockers


Flexible goal management

Use OKRs, SMART goals, or any other goal-setting framework
Connect all teams to your key strategic objectives by linking parent- and sub-goals together
Create fully transparent goals or limit the visibility to specific teams or individuals

Organize & align

Enable focus
with clarity

Bring clarity to each employee's work and enable them to prioritize the right tasks
Set owners and add collaborators to each goal to clarify responsibilities
Align teams, reduce silos and work together toward your key objectives

Define targets

Track progress and visualize results

Use numeric, percentage, monetary or binary targets to measure success
Set time frames to stay on course and meet your deadlines
Follow status and activity as your goals are progressing

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