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The all-in-one HR platform that simplifies and help employees save time.
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Effortless task handling

It's hard to keep track of all the tools and processes at work. Once Alexis moves in, it gets easier. Connect with Slack or Teams to make HR tasks easily accessible and always within reach of employees. That way you will minimize tool switching and bottlenecks.

Easy access

Steady flow with self-service

Your employees are key to your company's success. Give them all the information they need to feel autonomous and tuned-in with their HR-tasks. Manage permissions and make sure all your co-workers have access to what they need.
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Make a great first impression

Provide pre- and onboarding journeys that enable employees to thrive in their new role, regardless if they are working on-site or remotely. Set the duration, notifications and tasks in a fully customized and branded experience.
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Time management

Flexible time policies for global teams

Streamline your time and attendance processes with Alexis time management. Customize policies and reports to your organization's unique needs. Enable teams to perform tasks directly in Slack or Teams for higher productivity and a better employee experience.
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Company dashboard to share updates

Keep your employees up to date with company news and happenings. Use the Dashboard to post internal announcements and events. Highlight upcoming birthdays, anniversaries, celebrate wins and welcome new colleagues soon to join.
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Keep everyone on track

Help employees see how their work connects to your overall company targets and the value of their contributions. Set clear goals and enable employees to take ownership, prioritize their work and make better decisions. Boost alignment, engagement and transparency with purpose and clarity.
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