Digitize workflows with E-signing

Create, sign and store agreements with a simple push of a button, in a platform built to protect your data.


Managing documents and collecting signatures can sometimes be challenging and one of those tasks that steals time away from other valuable work. Alexis’ integrated E-signing feature allows your organization to create, distribute and sign documents or policies with little to no effort. Automatically saved in your account for reliable storage and easy access.

Simplify across roles

Speed up administration by creating, managing and distributing documents within one platform
Enhance productivity with intuitive and reliable e-signing processes
Simplify signing, observation and storage of legally binding documents

Smooth workflows

Create custom documents and templates

Create your own documents and templates to be used across the organization
Use your visual identity and formatting styles to create unified communication
Save time by using smart placeholders and letting the system automatically pick up details from the employees’ profiles


Intuitive E-signing

Sign employee agreements, promotion contracts, or company policies with a few simple clicks
Include all relevant stakeholders by adding multiple signers and observers
Use BankID or electronic signatures for a simple and secure process

Secure & compliant

Handle sensitive information

Manage permissions and distribute documents to the right person at the right time
Store all documents in Alexis for reliable and GDPR-compliant handling
Sign agreements easily and securely following eIDAS standard

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