The team at Alexis

With many years of combined experience in HR and tech, the team at Alexis builds the next generation of HR tools.

The founders

Nima Samimi
Co-founder & CEO
Fredrik Johnson
Co-founder & Chairman of the Board
Emil Kilhage
Co-founder & CTO
Erik Jansson
Co-founder & Head of Frontend
Jon Rathsman
Co-founder & Head of Engineering

A part of Simployer Group

In 2024, AlexisHR joined the Simployer Group – the leader in Nordic HR solutions. Our core mission at AlexisHR - to free people’s time to work on hard problems by humanizing HR technology - resonates with Simployer’s dedication to HR excellence. As we unite with Simployer, we are scaling to new heights. Our platform, known for its agility and user-friendly design, will continue to serve and evolve, now supercharged by Simployer's resources and expertise. 

About Simployer:
Simployer is a leading provider of HRM software and expertise in the Nordics that helps companies engage, manage, and develop their workforce. Simployer has offices across Northern Europe with its headquarters in Sarpsborg, Norway. In 2023, Simployer had a turnover of 550 million NOK, 320 employees, and 12,000 customers. In 2019, the investment company Ferd became the majority owner of Simployer.

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