The team at Alexis

With many years of combined experience in HR and tech, the team at Alexis builds the next generation of HR tools.

Our mission is simple:

We help companies better connect with their people, empower them to make smarter decisions, and ultimately create a better workplace.

The founders

Nima Samimi
Johannes Sundlo
Co-founder & Head of People
Fredrik Johnson
Co-founder & Chairman of the Board
Emil Kilhage
Co-founder & CTO
Erik Jansson
Co-founder & Head of Frontend
Jon Rathsman
Co-founder & Head of Engineering
Max Magnusson
Head of Customer Experience
Lisa Schmelz
Head of Commercial
Marcus Almén
Head of Marketing
Malin Holmberg
Business Development Manager
(+4679 101 5484)
Mikael Hedvall
Account Executive
Jessica Nguyen
Customer Success Manager
David Lopez
Business Development Manager
(+4679 101 6252)
John Castronuovo
Fullstack Developer
Said Barati
Frontend Developer
Matteo Ferioli
Fullstack Developer
Carl Fredrik Aspegren
Customer Success Manager
Mikaela Schönström
Head of Talent Aquisition
Carl Roth
Account Executive
Sigrid Smeland
Account Executive
Filip Lundgren
Junior Account Executive
Wouter Veenstra
Account Executive Benelux
Nils Pundurasi
Business Strategy & Operations Manager
Sally Russell
Product Marketing Manager
Lukas Andersson
Senior Customer Support Agent
Julia Demianetc
Junior Product Designer
Alice Jurell
Junior Product Designer
The Talent Company
HR & Talent Management

Meet our investors

Alliance Venture invests early and long-term in pioneers in SaaS and consumer services. Together with them and private investors, we realize Alexis' vision of a smarter and stronger HR function in all companies, from local startups to multinational big companies.
Spintop Ventures invest in companies that rest on sound human values, respect individuals and embrace the spirit of teamwork. Companies where team members are proud to go to work. Those are values we share when building a AlexisHR.

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