Data security & GDPR

Data security is important, which is why we have created a separate section that deals with relevant issues. Feel free to contact us if you have more specific questions.

Security Assessment

Where and how is our data stored?
Is my data safe?
Is the transfer of my data secure?
Who can access my data?
Is AlexisHR GDPR compliant?
How do you monitor activity in Alexis?
What security measurements are you undertaking to segregate data from others users?
How do you test and review your security?
Do you transfer Personal Data outside the EU/EEA?
What's your Privacy Policy?
How do you handle Cookies?
How do you react in regards to the Schrems II verdict?
Who owns the data?
Is AlexisHR's site and services always available?
How does AlexisHR let its customers know and keep them updated?

Do you have a specific questions?

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