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AI-powered Handbooks

Save time and let Alexis AI Assistant help you produce high-quality and informative handbooks customized to your company. You bring the ideas, we bring the magic.

Innovative employee handbooks,
created by you (and AI)

Easy breezy-

Handbooks hold untapped potential, but only if they're easily accessible and actually read. With Alexis, employees no longer need to browse through your HRIS or cloud storage to find the answers they need. Simply ask and watch the information unfold at your fingertips.

One size rarely fits all, and we get that.

Alexis makes it simple to keep your handbooks relevant by allowing you to customize the access. From role-specific materials to country-specific policies, empower your employees with the knowledge they need. 

More than just Employee Handbooks.

From manager manuals to company playbooks, we've got you covered. Need a staff field guide? Bring it to life effortlessly.

Available where your employees are

As an employee you can chat with our Alexis AI Slackbot, in any language you want, and seamlessly get handbook summaries within Slack itself.

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