Salary Reviews

Discover the simplicity of managing Salary Reviews in the home of your people platform. Speed up collaboration, increase accuracy and boost engagement. 

Salary Reviews

Fair and competitive compensation has a powerful impact on your company’s ability to attract, retain, and engage the employees you need to achieve your goals. The salary review is one of the most important activities in the annual HR cycle, but can quickly become complex and time-consuming without the right tools in place. With Alexis, you can design and carry out your next salary review in a platform where your master data is already stored and everyone can work together. Save time, simplify, and improve the experience across your organization.

Coordinate & collaborate

Plan and organize salary reviews in your HR platform to save time
Easily allocate budget to managers and follow the progress from start to finish
Help managers make better decisions with easy access to budget guidelines and performance reviews

All-in-one solution

Easy and reliable Salary Reviews

Run salary reviews in a tool where your employee, compensation and performance data already exists
Use your hierarchy to automatically populate approval flows
Finish your review and let Alexis magically update each profile for you


Bring everyone together

Give managers a holistic view of their team in an intuitive interface
Set your total budget and easily allocate funds to each team
Stay up to date with progress summaries, notifications, and reminders

Flexible & intuitive

Salary Reviews for flexible teams

Easily select employees to include based on team, department, or employment start date
Empower managers to make good decisions with easy access to budget guidelines, performance reviews, and employee profiles
Set a timeframe with start and end dates to avoid delays and bottlenecks

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