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Simplify work for HR and IT teams with User Provisioning and Single Sign-on.
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One source of truth

Managing employee data in multiple platforms can turn into a time-consuming task for HR and IT. Use AlexisHR as your source of truth for employee data and when employees are added, updated or removed, Microsoft Entra ID will automatically read this information and update the rest of your workplace apps. The Single Sign-On functionality enables secure and instant access to AlexisHR. Plus, with AlexisHR's Enterprise App on Microsoft getting started is quick and simple.

Access management


Create an outstanding onboarding experience for your new employees without delays and bottlenecks. Simply add new hires to your Alexis account and, through User Provisioning via Microsoft Entra ID, your new employees will automatically get access to the tools they need. 

Access management


When it’s time for your employees to leave, simply offboard them in Alexis. The integration with Microsoft Entra ID will automatically handle the deprovisioning, saving time and reducing costs by ensuring no unnecessary licenses are left active in costly tools. As simple as it seems.

Single Sign-On

One password to rule them all.

Single Sign-On (SSO) makes it possible for everyone to sign in with their Microsoft credentials. This gives your employees easy and instant access to their AlexisHR account and reduces the need for multiple passwords.

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