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The story of Alexis

At AlexisHR, we're dedicated to transforming the world of human resources through AI-powered technology. Our innovative HRIS and chatbot solutions are designed to boost productivity, save time, and significantly enhance the employee experience for small and medium-sized businesses.

Our journey began in 2019, when our four visionary founders recognized the need for a more modern and streamlined approach to HR management. Since then, we've achieved numerous milestones and have grown into a leading provider of innovative HR solutions; an all-in-one people platform that is powered by AI (yes, we are proud).

What we do really well (sorry for bragging)

Our product offerings, including a comprehensive HRIS and an advanced chatbot, are packed with features that simplify and optimize HR processes. By automating repetitive tasks, delivering accurate insights (whenever you need them), and providing instant HR access for all employees, we empower entire organizations to work smarter, happier and more efficiently.

Alexis in numbers

2019: First draft of Alexis (did you know it means “helper of people”?)
2020: Alexis launches in February
2022: We moved to Stockholm’s prettiest office
200+ Happy customers
65+ Countries served
Millions of hours saved for HR, managers & employees

Our purpose

At AlexisHR, our mission is to change the way SMBs deal with their people's administration by making it effortless, simple and quick. By leveraging AI technology we make it easy to streamline operations, enhance collaboration, and create exceptional employee experiences. Our vision is to become the most loved people platform by employees.

We’re imagining a world where HR, managers and employees can seamlessly navigate their day-to-day tasks with the support of intelligent, adaptive solutions.

Hear it from our customers

"I immediately felt that this solution would enable rapid scaling. We would not have been able to create the change and growth we achieved without the support of AlexisHR. ”

Linn Byström

Chief People Officer @ Dryft

"Alexis is a modern HR platform with stylish and intuitive design. It’s super easy to navigate around and quickly find all the necessary information about team members or to set up processes. The biggest plus is the team behind Alexis and the close cooperation we have. With world-class support, we always get quick answers no matter how many questions come up. ”

Klara Strandberg

People Partner @ Bokio

"After implementing a number of different HR systems and tools during my years in the industry, I was really impressed with AlexisHR. Both by the simplicity, speed and flexibility to get started with the platform. The tool is easy to use and manages employee processes in a logical way. In addition, the professional team behind AlexisHR is always open to our questions and input. ”

Marianne Winblad von Walter

CHRO @ Qred

"We wanted to transform our HR experience and were therefore looking for a team that can understand our complex challenges. Challenges that are unique to our organization. With AlexisHR, we really found the right one. The platform is built by people who really listen to their clients and package stylish solutions in an intuitive interface. ”

Zlate Dodevski

COO @ iBorn

"We got quick help from the Customer success team to get started right away. The implementation was not complicated at all and it was a great collaboration between us and Alexis’ team.

Pauline Minas

HR Generalist @ MaginePro

Meet our investors

Alliance Venture invests early and long-term in pioneers in SaaS and consumer services. Together with them and private investors, we realize Alexis' vision of a smarter and stronger HR function in all companies, from local startups to multinational big companies.
Spintop Ventures invest in companies that rest on sound human values, respect individuals and embrace the spirit of teamwork. Companies where team members are proud to go to work. Those are values we share when building a AlexisHR.

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