Wndy integrates with AlexisHR

Now you can find new document templates in Alexis. Document templates will be key for you to save time and will contain customisable documents such as contracts, policies and checklists. That's why we teamed up with Wndy. Wndy is a on-demand HR service with a pool of HR professionals that are ready to assists you in any HR matter, at any time. We reached out to Maria Wikander, COO at Wndy to ask 3 quick questions.

Hey Maria! Please tell us more about what Wndy does?
- Wndy is your HR-buddy and professional HR support on demand. With Wndy you´re a click away from an HR expert. Get help with HR issues. Book a video meeting with an HR expert who understands your business. Add documents, agreements, or services as you need them. You´ll find everything you need in our web app.

How does the collaboration between Wndy and AlexisHR simplify the work for HR professionals?
- We share the same vision: To make life easier for business owners and leaders. In between Alexis and Wndy we can provide the best technology with personal HR support and professional document templates so that business owners are relieved from admin and quickly get the help and support needed.

What are the most common things companies need help with when reaching out to you?
- We see a wide range of topics that companies need help with, from clarifying how it works with holidays in Sweden to more strategic areas such as guiding customers to the best organizational structure for their company. The most common topics for our video meetings tend to be individual personal matters, health care issues, and sick leave. For our additional services, the most common processes customers ask for are HR audit to become compliant, work environment compliance, leadership development, pay equity analysis, performance reviews and salary reviews.

Thanks Maria!

Users of Alexis can find the free document templates from now on. If you are curious about Wndy, visit our Marketplace and reach out. To explore AlexisHR and the entire core HR-platform, book a free web demo here.

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