Meet HR experts for advice via a video meeting or chat. Wndy has carefully selected experts with extensive experience in various industries and areas.

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Wndy is your company’s digital HR department. Every company, regardless of size, deserves efficient, reliable, and knowledgeable HR support, in every situation or only when you need it. At Wndy, we’ve brought together the best HR experts on the market, together with more than 140 contract templates and other essential HR documents. With Wndy, your employees are in safe hands, saving you time and money in the bargain.

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With the right tools, preparation and advice from an expert, handling people operations is no longer a challenge. Our experts can help you with recruitment, policies, Employer branding, Company culture, Benefits, Salary benchmarking and more.


Get help with your people operations from an expert. It is not always easy to know what is right and we can find the teammate you have been looking for.
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