Brilliant Future integrates with AlexisHR

Alexis recently teamed up with Brilliant Future that offers a toolbox to conducts pulse- and employee surveys across the organization. According to Harvard Business Review there is no doubt that companies can benefit from workplace surveys and questionnaires to make employees get their voice heard. Engaged employees are also more likely to be connected to the workplace which makes them more aware of their surroundings. We reached out to Ulrika Jonsson, CEO at Brilliant to ask 3 quick questions.

Who are Brilliant and what do you do?
- Brilliant is passionate about relationship and organisational development. By evaluating and developing employee and customer experiences, we have helped many organisations succeed for many decades. Brilliant conducts pulse- and employee surveys as well as customer surveys, and supports our clients in their important change work, both digitally and consultatively. Brilliant's solution is based on the latest technology combined with a scientific method.

How does the collaboration between Brilliant and AlexisHR simplify the work for me as a customer?
- A basic precondition when measuring your organisation is to have an up-to-date and accurate picture of the organisation. This collaboration ensures that the organizational structure is always up to date, forget about excel sheets and drag and drop. Simply select the area within the work climate you want to assess and hit the button. Taking the pulse of your organization is as easy as booking a hotel.

Why is it important to measure how the organization is doing?
- Engaged employees, strong leadership and clear management are a prerequisite for long-term successful and sustainable organisations. Both research and Brilliant's own studies show a strong correlation between internal work climate and customer experience, profitability, efficiency, lower staff turnover and sick leave. Brilliant has relevant packages of question based on what is important for you to find out. Built-in intelligence helps every manager and workgroup know exactly what they should focus on and work on. All for working with psychosocial safety, engagement, good leadership, and management that drives you and prepares you for the future. 

Thanks Ulrika for answering our questions! To learn more about the Alexis & Brilliant turn-key integration, visit our Marketplace or simply Book a free demo!

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