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Brilliant's solution for pulse rate and employee surveys is based on a combination of the scientific method, solid experience, and the latest technology. By evaluating and developing the employee experience, Brilliant has for many decades helped many organizations to succeed. Brilliant knows the factors that are crucial in creating a work climate that benefits long-term sustainable and healthy individuals and organizations. Through pre-defined question packages, it is easy for Brilliant's customers to keep track of and follow the development of these areas.

Key features

Which areas in your organisation need better data? Brilliant has over 20 years of experience and specialized knowledge concerning what the determining factors are to create a way of working that leads to success and sustainability. Adapt the number of employee surveys to your organisation’s needs and get the necessary support to improve areas like leadership, feedback, and employee engagement.


Brilliant has extensive experience and are experts in employee experience
Brilliant is leaning towards a scientific method and the latest technology
Brilliant offers benchmarks from 24 countries in 22 industries, and the surveys are available in more than 25 languages

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