Pay Transparency is coming to the European Union

Welcome to join our webinar that will cover the latest information regarding the coming EU Pay Transparency Directive and what you can do as an employer to prepare.

About the webinar

The European Parliament and the Council have reached political agreement on the Directive on Pay Transparency measures. Some changes were made to the original proposal from the Commission as well as the position taken by the European Parliament in April of 2022. The new directive will come into effect in 2026 across all member states and will significantly change how pay is perceived in the union for companies with more than 100 employees.

Join this free webinar with Pihr’s founder & CEO Magnus Drogell and learn:

  • The gender pay gap situation in the EU
  • How far have we come?
  • What does the new pay transparency directive mean in detail?
  • What you can do to prepare and how to stay ahead of the legislation.

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