Navigating AI for HR - from Recruitment to Retention

Join Deel, Ants, and AlexisHR for an in-depth exploration of AI's role across the employee lifecycle from the HR-perspective. From recruitment to hiring, onboarding, and employee retention, let's discover how modern technology can streamline HR practices.

About the webinar

This webinar will cover where to begin with AI in your organization, what is currently available, and how to apply AI effectively across the employee lifecycle, from initial recruitment efforts to retention of talent.

Learn how to engage your colleagues and integrate these innovations to strengthen your HR strategies. Whether you're looking to improve your current processes or explore new technological avenues, this session will provide valuable insights and practical tips.


Join this free webinar where you will learn:

✔️  Insights into the potential of AI in HR.

✔️ Learn from industry leaders how they use AI.

✔️ Strategies to seamlessly integrate AI into your HR practices.

✔️ An understanding of AI's immediate benefits and future opportunities.

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