New and improved Time Reporting

Alexis' mission to simplify and declutter HR continues, and the new update helps you stay on top of everything related to time reporting. Discover the new interface and the new features to improve your workflows.

Improvements in this product update Feb 2022:

  • Project based Time Reporting
  • Customizable Workweek
  • Clock in/out
  • Statistics

Project based Time Reporting

You can now connect your reported time to specific projects. In the dashboard-style master overview, you easily can navigate project entries and see coworkers’ daily time recordings, filtered by a weekly or monthly view. You can also view submitted recordings and detailed data for the selected period or access missing entries (which are highlighted). Of course it is up to you if you want to use projects at all – it's opt-in and you control it using policies.

Customizable workweek

On each employee profile, you can set your workweek hours to keep your coworkers updated.
Managers, admins and company owners can edit a person's workweek, indicating what days of the week they work, and during what hours. We support having multiple shifts during a day, to cater to your specific needs.

Clock in/clock out

Another new feature is the ability to clock in and clock out. This saves you from having to manually enter your worked time. Simply start the timer, do you thing, and then clock out once you are done. We'll automatically fill out your timesheet! Clock in/clock out is an opt-in feature, which you can control using policies.


We understand the importance of quickly getting an overview of a timesheet and its progress, so we have included a bunch of useful stats right in the timesheet view. This includes a summary of worked hours per day (the progress is based on the person's individual workweek, as specified), and a detailed breakdown of reported days and hours, overtime hours (again, based on the individual's workweek) and the number of missing entries. Even more statistics can be viewed by managers, admins and owners, including: Received time sheets (total), received time off requests (total), % of reviewed timesheets/leaves.

Let us know what you think about the update! Or explore the full potential of AlexisHR's core HR platform by booking a free web demo here.

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