Pay equity analysis & salary revision integration

Alexis teamed up with Sysarb that offers a toolbox to conduct Pay equity analysis & salary revision in organizations. We reached out to Axel Johansson, Partnership Developer to ask 3 quick questions about the integration and how it simplifies work.

What is Sysarb, and what do you do?
- Sysarb is a market leading company in the Nordics when it comes to Pay Equity Analysis and salary revision. We provide tools which are greatly used and implemented by over 450 customers. Our goal is to create a streamlined process for salary revision, alongside acquiring data and analytics to support your efforts towards gender equality. With our platform, you can always be sure to set fair salaries that motivate employees to achieve their highest potential and be encouraged to provide good performance within the company.

How does the collaboration or integration between Sysarb and AlexisHR simplifies the work for the community?
- The Integration between Alexis and Sysarb eliminates the manual work within Excel and file uploading. It simplifies your pay equity analysis and salary revision as you upload the data directly to our system. With just a few click in our platform, it will do its own magic. In just a few minutes, you can start working towards equality using our platform.  

Why is it important to work with gender equality in your organization?
- Working with gender equality is a no-brainer. It is a legal requirement which ensures every employee in an organization is treated fair and just in a non-discriminatory environment. Studies show that if you work with gender equality on a regular basis, your workforce performs better and expresses more creativity. In addition to this, your organization will become more attractive for new employees.

Thanks Axel for answering our questions! To learn more about the Alexis & Sysarb turn-key integration, visit our Marketplace or simply Book a free demo!

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