New feature: Whistleblowing

In December 2021, new legislation came into force in Sweden. The legislation is based on the EU Whistleblowing Directive and designed to enhance the protection of Whistleblowers. Setting up an internal reporting channel and sufficient procedures are two important steps to comply with new requirements. Private companies with 250+ employees and public organizations with 50+ employees must have their internal reporting channel in place before July 17, 2022. Companies in the private sector with 50 to 249 employees have to provide an internal channel and comply with the requirements no later than December 17, 2023.

Getting new routines and systems in place can feel overwhelming. But don’t worry. We’re here to help you along the way. And with Alexis' integrated Whistleblowing feature you’re on the right track.

Effortless installation

We know that as an organization you already have a lot on your plate, adjusting or implementing new routines and policies according to the new requirements. That’s why we’ve made it super easy to activate the Whistleblowing functionality. It’s basically plug-and-play.

Get a unique Whistleblowing link that you can distribute in your channels and make it accessible to the people you collaborate with, internal or external. Display your logo, add company-specific information on your Whistleblowing page and make sure that people submitting cases know they’ve found the right link.

Simple overview and case handling

Overview and manage cases in a user-friendly and intuitive platform. Appoint a suitable person internally or a trusted party externally as your case handler.

Communicate anonymously to ask follow-up questions or send updates. As a case handler, you will get reminders from Alexis when it is time to send a reply to the reporter. This makes it easier for you to keep your whistleblowing processes rock solid and aligned with the requirements stated in the legal framework.

Submit cases

Encouraging people to speak up is important, but enabling them to do it is equally important. With Alexis Whistleblowing, people can report misconduct digitally from their phone or computer no matter where they are. Anonymously and confidently.

Reporters can attach documents, images or audio files to provide all necessary details. With email notifications, they can easily follow the progress of the case and never worry about missing an answer or update (still anonymous of course).

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