Introducing: Time-saving & intuitive Salary Reviews

A salary review is a process where an employer evaluates the compensation of their employees, to determine if it is fair and in line with industry standards, the company budget, and the employee's job performance. It is one of the most important activities in the annual HR cycle.

But we know that this is a process that often requires a lot of preparation and admin work. Exporting all the relevant employee data, setting and allocating your budget, preparing managers, and then making sure all employees are paid correctly when you’ve finished your review.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could do the salary review in a tool where all of your employee data is stored already?

We think so. 🙋

And that’s why we today are so excited to announce that Salary Review is available as a feature in AlexisHR.

Save time from manual work ⏰

In AlexisHR, you have all of your employee, compensation, and performance data gathered and can get started without all the time-consuming and manual work. Easily select which employees to include and which currency you want your review to be based on. Set and allocate your budget, and then launch your review with a customized notification. When you’ve finished your review, just sit back and relax while Alexis updates all employee profiles.

Equip and empower managers 🛠

Managers carry a lot of responsibility during a salary review. Ease the process by providing tools and resources that help them make good compensation decisions. In AlexisHR, your managers will have a good overview of their team and their allocated budget. Plus, they can quickly and easily access their employees’ performance data.

Keep everyone on track 🚂

Certain processes tend to take more time than others, especially when many people are involved. With Alexis, you can avoid common bottlenecks and keep everyone on the same page throughout your review. Set start and due dates to ensure that all approving managers are aware of their time frame.

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