Boost performance with Goals in AlexisHR

Setting clear and measurable goals is an efficient way of keeping employees aligned, engaged, and productive. But without easy access to the goals you’ve set, strategic initiatives often get disconnected from employees’ day-to-day work.

At Alexis, our ambition is to enable teams with the tools they need to efficiently manage work-related tasks. By launching a goal management feature, we aim to streamline the process of setting, tracking, and achieving individual and team objectives.

Flexible to the way you’re working

Whether you’re just starting out with goals management or already have an established routine for goal setting, Alexis is flexible to your needs. Work with OKRs, SMART goals, or any other framework.

Link goals together and align your teams

Connect company, team, and individual goals to align your teams around your key objectives. Reduce silos, increase transparency and work together in your strategic direction. Add descriptions to give employees the context and purpose they need to feel connected to their tasks.

Measure progress and results

Without relevant metrics, your goals will fall short. Create a goal and add numerical, monetary, percentage, or binary targets. Easily follow progress and status from the beginning to the finish line.

Increase accountability and collaborate with ease

Build accountable teams by clarifying responsibilities. Add owners and collaborators to each goal and empower people to take ownership of their tasks or projects.

If you're curious to learn more about Goals in AlexisHR, read more here or book a demo. 🎯

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