New feature: E-signing

Paperwork and administration can be true pain points and time thieves for many organizations. With our E-signing functionality, you can save time and easily collect signatures from employees within your organization. Whether you need to renew or update employment agreements, sign promotion contracts, or other important documents, Alexis E-signing will help you digitize the process. It is not only easy to use but also GDPR compliant and fully secure. 



Here’s what you can do: 

  • Offer an easy way for employees to sign agreements
    or confirm company policies 
  • Set up company templates or create new customized documents
  • Manage permissions and add relevant stakeholders to the process 
  • Effortlessly store all documents in one place



Customizable or ready-to-use templates

We know how important it is to have efficient processes while still being in full control. Set up company templates that you and your colleagues can use over and over again. When you need to send a document for signing, simply modify one of your ready-to-use templates or create a completely new document. 

Save the time spent on copying and pasting by using smart placeholders and let the system automatically pick up details from the employees’ profiles. Enhance the signing experience even further and customize your templates to match the visual identity of your organization. 

Intuitive and easy

E-signing can be used for many purposes. Set several signing parties or add observers to ensure that all the relevant stakeholders are able to work together seamlessly. 

All signed files are automatically stored

Once a document has been signed, it is automatically stored on your Documents page so you can easily sort, save and revisit it. Keeping the process within the platform helps you sustain a GDPR-compliant and safe way of handling sensitive data. 

Let us know what you think about the E-signing update on the feature page! Or explore the full potential of AlexisHR's core HR platform by booking a free web demo here.

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