Improved Documents feature

Sharing documents and files is an essential part of cooperating. With the updated Documents feature you can store, manage and update all your relevant documents from one place, simply by dragging and dropping. From policy documents, employee handbooks, training materials, and other relevant files, you can manage access for individuals, departments, or teams. In this update, we’ve added improvements to make file sharing a seamless and safe experience across organization.

Improvements in this product update Feb 2022:

  • Access control
  • Folders
  • External links
  • Expiration dates

Access control

Being able to control who sees what is important, we are now providing some tools to make that easier for documents and folders. Folders embrace the full power of scopes, meaning you can grant folder-level read/write access to departments, offices or individuals as you see fit. Documents can also be granularly controlled by granting exactly the right people access.


Managing documents can get messy, so we now provide a new structural and intuitive feature in the shape of folders. They work as you expect: they can be placed inside of other folders, they can be renamed or deleted, and you can granularly control who can access them and their content.

External links

Sometimes, your files and documents might be hosted elsewhere, and/or you are not able to upload them for other reasons, but you still want to share them with your team inside of Alexis. This is now possible with a new feature that allows you to create an external link, that will work much like a regular document, with the only difference that it points somewhere else. This means that you can still move it around, put it in folders, share it, and give it an expiration date. Of course, the link doesn't have to point to an actual file or document, it can be any link that you want to share (think: YouTube video, slideshow, a Twitter account etc.)

Expiration dates

You are now able to set an expiration date on your files, documents, and links. Everyone with access will be reminded of a document's upcoming expiration date as it approaches. One month before, one week before, and on the day of the expiration. The document will also be highlighted as expired inside of Alexis at this point.

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