Client case: Bokio chose Alexis & Pensure

Bokio is a company that provides a free accounting service designed to simplify running a business through automated financial services. Founded in 2015 in Gothenburg, they have been using Alexis as their people platform for several years. Recently, we spoke with Evelina Sandelius, Vice President of People at Bokio, who explained that they chose AlexisHR and Pensure as their preferred partners for handling people operations and simplifying occupational pension.

The integration between Alexis and Pensure is turn-key, which means that Bokio's roughly 100 employees can easily update their salary information in AlexisHR. This information is then automatically transferred to Pensure, updating the employee's pension information. This integration is a new and easy way for Bokio, and its employees get more benefits from their pension with Pensure's cost-efficient solution. If you want to learn more about this partnership, watch the full interview below!  🎬

AlexisHRs integration with Pensure enables:

☑️ Automatically applies & detects changes in employee data

☑️ Minimizes the workload with smooth approval requests

☑️ Removes friction and reduces risk of manual errors handling data

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