Crash course: Employment law with Elmzell Law Firm

A collaboration between AlexisHR & Wndy 

This course will give you a basic understanding of the rules and principles that govern the relationship between employers and employees in Sweden. 

The course date is September 27th, 08:30.

This Crash Course is presented in Swedish and there are a limited number of participants. 

Information about this course

The course gives you the most important things you need to know about employment law - from employment to termination. Jenny makes employment law understandable and will give you the legal basics along with examples from reality, as well as practical tips to help you handle different situations in your everyday life. Areas covered include what an employment contract should contain, discrimination issues, handling of poor performance, termination, and much more. We will take a closer look at the laws that shape the landscape of employment law and examine how they are applied in practice. Whether you are a future manager, business leader, or HR manager, this course in employment law will give you the basic knowledge required to successfully navigate the complex legal landscape of working life. Read more about the course.

| Format: Digital live course on September 27, 08:30-10:30 |
| Price: 1 900 SEK ex VAT per participant |
| For whom: Business leaders, managers, and HR |


✅ Introduction to employment law

✅ Beginning of employment

  • Types of employment and contracts
  • Limitations
  • Discrimination

✅ During employment

  • Manager's rights and obligations
  • Employee's rights and obligations
  • Handling of poor performance, measures, and termination
  • Union negotiations - where, when, and how?
  • Leave - vacation, parental leave, and other leave

Termination of employment

  • Lack of work
  • Personal reasons
  • Dismissal
  • Agreements

Course leader

The course leader is Jenny Hellberg, lawyer and partner at Elmzell Law Firm. Elmzell Law Firm is Sweden's largest law firm specializing in employment law and HR law. Jenny has extensive experience in employment law and assists companies with issues related to employment, union consultations, reorganizations, terminations, implementation of policies, discrimination issues and more. Jenny also has extensive experience in giving courses in HR law and teaching companies the practical aspects of HR law. Jenny is passionate about employment law and shares her knowledge and practical experience with humor and warmth.

Cancellation rules

For cancellations later than 3 days before the course, 50% of the fee is charged. For cancellations later than 24 hours before the course, 100% of the fee is charged. It is possible to transfer your place to another person in the same company. Please inform us in that case. If you have any questions about the course, email

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