A new horizon for AlexisHR when joining forces with Simployer

Today marks a significant milestone for AlexisHR! We are excited to share that we are beginning a new journey, having joined the Simployer Group. This move is not just about growth, it’s about upgrading the way we serve you, our customers, through HR innovation and expertise.

In four years with AlexisHR, we've transformed challenges into innovations in HR technology, thanks to our team's hard work and our customers' trust. With this merger, we're ready to offer even more value, fueled by our joint effort and ambition.

Merging visions for a bright HR future

Our core mission at AlexisHR - to free people’s time to work on hard problems by humanizing HR technology - resonates with Simployer’s dedication to HR excellence. As we unite with Simployer, the leader in Nordic HR solutions, we are scaling to new heights. Our platform, known for its agility and user-friendly design, will continue to serve and evolve, now supercharged by Simployer's resources and broad network. Expect accelerated feature rollouts, groundbreaking product enhancements, and a pace of innovation that sets a new standard.

Expanding our horizons 

With Simployer's dominant position in the Nordics, this union is a strong signal to the market: we are expanding our horizons. The combined strength of our offerings positions us to conquer new markets, delivering a powerhouse of HR technology and expertise to a broader audience than ever before. 

Our vision is clear - to achieve more, faster. We aim to not only compete in the market but to lead it, fueled by the strength of AlexisHR's innovation and Simployer's established history. This move is a testament to our bold ambition and commitment to excellence.

With confidence toward tomorrow

Our dedication to creating a supportive and efficient HR platform remains unchanged. With the additional expertise and resources from Simployer, we're accelerating our journey towards improving and expanding our services. We're integrating key features from Simployer's technology to improve your experience with us.

To our customers and partners, this change opens up a world of new possibilities. AlexisHR remains dedicated to you, now with the promise of reaching new heights of service and innovation. We are more ready than ever to navigate the complexities of HR management with you.

We stand at the threshold of an exciting new chapter, not just for AlexisHR and Simployer, but for the entire HR industry. Join us as we redefine what it means to lead in HR technology. 

Onward and upward, with a heart full of excitement and eyes set on the horizon,

Nima Samimi

Founder & CEO AlexisHR

About Simployer

Simployer is a leading provider of HRM software and expertise in the Nordics that helps companies engage, manage, and develop their workforce. Simployer has offices across Northern Europe with its headquarters in Sarpsborg, Norway. In 2023, Simployer had a turnover of 550 million NOK, 320 employees, and 12,000 customers. In 2019, the investment company Ferd became the majority owner of Simployer.

About AlexisHR

AlexisHR is an AI-powered HR platform trusted by over 200 companies across 65+ countries. Crafted for SMBs, it not only offers a comprehensive HRIS but also champions adaptability by continuously evolving to your company's unique needs. With robust connectivity features, AlexisHR seamlessly integrates with diverse platforms such as Payroll, ATS, LMS, and communication tools like Slack and Teams. This ensures a cohesive HR experience and offers instant conversational HR access, empowering employees to retrieve answers exactly when they're needed.

Used by companies and employees in more than 65 countries