HR’s missing link for Total Talent Management. Vakanta integrates into your ecosystem, removing the barriers between employee and consultant management.

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Founded in 2013, Vakanta has developed an intuitive digital workflow in close cooperation with some of Sweden’s most innovative companies. Vakanta provides you with full insight and control of the contingent workforce market, individual talent, processes and results. Everything from networking, finding and hiring to managing, paying and analyzing is standardized in one flow, immediately understood by all parties. And real-time data is fed throughout your business ecosystem. In a world increasingly powered by contingent workforces, this is a competitive edge you can’t go without.

Key features

A scalable cloud solution, Vakanta provides all parties – consultants as well as your various internal departments – with a standardized language and processes. Covering every aspect of your contingent workforce, it’s an intuitive digital workflow that minimizes human error, misunderstandings and time-consuming manual labor. Consolidate your existing suppliers. Access the entire market. Send standardized requests. Benchmark candidates. Hire. Preapprove time reports and invoices. Pay and analyze. And know that you attract top-level suppliers, who appreciate the transparency and close relationships they form through Vakanta.


Know your contingent workforce: one digital workflow to network, find, hire, manage, analyse and pay your consultants.
Optimise your spend: analyse, benchmark and negotiate to secure the best talent at the best rates.
Make informed decisions: put real-time and historical data and stats behind your strategy for total talent acquisition.

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