Twine revolutionizes your HR ecosystem by offering an integration engine that seamlessly connects and synchronizes your HR-related systems, customized for your needs, saving you time and resources.

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We have integrated several HR-related tools to our platform and we are adding new integrations every week. Examples of tools we integrate: Payroll, ATS, LMS, employee survey tools, TMS, BI etc.

Key features

With Twine you can customize each integration for your specific needs and send data from your own customized fields to and from several tystems at the same time. You can start integrations in just a few klicks and manage them and see integration history and status in our platform.


Add new integrations towards AlexisHR in just a few klicks.
Manage and customize complex integrations in our platform for your specific needs.
Follow status and integration history, and collect and analyze your HR data for insights.

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