Slack is the collaboration hub that brings the right people, information, and tools together to get work done.

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Connect your conversations with the tools and services that you use to get the job done. With over 2,500+ apps and a robust API, the Slack platform team works with partners and developers globally to build apps and integrations that streamline your work, automate mundane tasks and bring context into your conversations in Slack. Slack is a new way for your entire company to communicate. It replaces email with something faster, better organized and more secure. Instead of one-off email chains, all your communication is organized into channels that are easy to create, join and search. When there’s a channel for everything going on at your company, everyone knows exactly where to go to get work done.

Key features

The key to Slack success is channels. By creating a channel for all your projects, your teams, your offices, your departments—everything you’re doing at work—you create a space for every conversation to happen. And because channels are easy to join and create, Slack can adapt to meet changing needs. If someone new joins a project, you can simply add them to the channel and they scroll up to read through old conversations. When it’s time to start something new, create a new channel and invite the right people.


Work more easily with everyone. Stay on the same page and make decisions faster by bringing all of your work communication into one place.
What you need, when you need it. Spend less time shuffling tabs with a comprehensive message archive and all your work tools at your fingertips.
For teamwork of any size Slack supports collaboration at a global scale, with unlimited channels to mirror the way your company actually works.

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