Reach, compare & get in touch with the best recruiters for your needs. Sekando is leveling the playing field between employers and recruiters in a marketplace - smooth as butter.

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Are your dentist and hairdresser the same person? Sekando has gathered the best recruiters in their niche in one single platform. Free of charge and digitally, you’ll receive offers from the best recruiters and may pick the best fitting one for you based on price, reference cases & ratings - without a single sales meeting.

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Share your need with our network of specialist recruiters and receive offers within 48 hours - free of charge. Chat or book a meeting with the recruiters behind the most appealing offers. Accept the best offer for you, directly through the platform.


Recruitment: Find the right recruiter for your direct recruitments.
Interim: Do you need someone with short notice? Receive offers quickly within 48 hours.
TA-consultant: Are you evaluating bringing in a Talent Acquisition-consultant? Receive the hourly rate from several agencies through the platform.

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