QBIS offers digital solutions that help companies get the most out of their time. This by offering products for time reporting, expense- and project management.

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QBIS is a smart cloud-based solution that allows businesses to spend their time right, by planning, managing and monitoring time. Something that will help organizations to work more efficiently. So, regardless of whether the team is gathered in one office or spread around the world, QBIS provides a tool to gather time data, to help the organization become more productive.

Key features

Digitalize your time reporting, expense- and project management. By using QBIS you can be sure that all information is easily accessed and gathered in the same place. In addition, it gets easier to work whenever and wherever you want.


Expense management: Report receipts, mileages and meal allowances effortlessly by using your computer or mobile phone. Reduce your pile of receipts and collect everything digitally.
Project management: Get an overview of your projects and track everything from start to finish. Create time plans, budgets and reports to help you reach your desired results.
Time reporting: Let your employees report their attendance. Thereafter your managers approve everything digitally. Integrate with your system for payroll and invoicing for a seamless flow.

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