Most efficient pay equity software, designed to ensure compliance with pay equity legislation and promote fair pay practices.

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Pihr is an impact SaaS company specializing in pay equity solutions. We leverage advanced technology and data analysis to help businesses achieve pay equity and fairness in their workplace. Today, our powerful software is used in more than 70 countries and analyses more than 2,5 million salaries annually. Together with more than 500 clients, we are committed to making a positive change towards workplace fairness.

Key features

Pihr Pay Equity is a SaaS application designed to analyze and address pay disparities within organizations. It helps ensure equitable pay practices by identifying and resolving unjust pay gaps. The software streamlines compliance with pay equity regulations, provides actionable insights for making necessary salary adjustments, includes cost calculation associated with addressing pay equity issues, and offers customized reports and visualizations for better understanding and communication of pay disparities, ultimately assisting organizations in achieving their pay equity goals.


Digital pay equity analysis solution utilizing the existing organizational structure, developed to assist organizations in conducting pay equity audits.
The solution is user friendly and performs a significant portion of report production by conducting automated calculations and providing written analyses, and complete reports that are fully compliant with local pay equity legislation across territories.
The tool simplifies and streamlines the entire salary mapping process, enabling the integration of pay equity analysis with salary reviews and other HR processes.

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