A smart and cloud-based payroll system that deliver a great user experience to all parts of the company.

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Since 2020, we have been making payroll more modern and efficient. Through one refreshingly easy, integrated platform, we automate and simplify payroll. Payap is a cloud-based solution built according to GDPR from start.

Key features

Payap makes complex payroll easy. By automating repetitive tasks, Payap saves companies hours of manual work every month. The platform ensures smooth onboarding, seamless integrations, and access to real-time data, making Payap the top choice for today's businesses. Suitable for companies with up to 1000+ employees.


Integrations: Payap seamlessly integrates with your favourite HRIS, accounting systems, time and attendance systems. Transfer data seamlessly from one system to another. No more double-entries, no errors.
Real-time data: Register sick days or annual leave and watch payslips update immediately in real time. Change a monthly salary two months back in time and see how the system instantly calculates and presents the difference.
Automation: By automating repetitive tasks you save hours of manual work every month. Say goodbye to long payroll processes, manual data entry, spreadsheets, and payroll errors.

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