Learnifier is a multi-featured tool that makes it easy to create online courses, onboarding programs or even a learning academy. You get the best of two worlds. Technology simplified. Learning amplified.

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Create excitement early on by building your own onboarding or pre-boarding program to connect, inform, engage, educate, challenge and convert the talent in the smoothest way possible. Or why not make your entire existing staff part of your internal learning platform?

Key features

Using Learnifier’s unique set of drag-n-drop features, you can build a detailed online course or create an interactive product presentation in a matter of minutes. Break free from isolated teams and allow your entire organization to transform their expertise into powerful learning with just a few clicks. Sharing knowledge should be that simple. So, we made sure it is.


Anyone can create: Build your online course in minutes with easy drag-n-drop features. With just a few clicks anyone in your organization can turn their knowledge into powerful learning. It should be that simple. So, we designed it that way.
Automate to elevate: Set your admin and learner communications on autopilot and free up time to other important tasks. Imagine increasing your learners’ engagement and completion rate – when not working. Build it once, leverage it forever.
Sharing is learning: The best way to learn is to teach – and share. Finally, enjoy a platform that connects people and reinforce social learning. Every organization deserves to leverage peer-to-peer knowledge and collaborate to learn in better ways.

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