Global EOR and payroll, simplified. Onboard and pay people in 170+ countries, and stay 100% compliant. You find the talent, we’ll take care of everything else.

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Lano is your cloud-based compliance and payments platform for building and scaling global companies. From hiring remote employees all over the world to processing multi-country payroll, our platform gives global businesses the flexibility they need to build and grow their international teams quickly.

Key features

Lano platform unites all employee and salary data in a single platform that enables businesses to skip the constant manual back and forth with their payroll providers. With Lano, international companies can easily manage multi-country payroll with data visibility across geographies, get standardized payroll data from multiple partners in one platform, gain deeper insights into your global workforce costs and optimize payroll with clean reporting and analytics. In addition, Lano clients benefit from additional services that ensure international compliance when hiring international employees remotely and outsourcing global payroll services.


Hiring remote employees in foreign countries with EOR without the need of a local entities
Global payroll services and payroll consolidation: streamlined processes and detailed reports to enable better business decision
International payment solutions for global teams with over 50 supported currencies.

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