Lägereld is a mental health platform that supports organizations with easy access to experienced psychologists as well as insights on how to build a stronger corporate culture.

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Lägereld is a pioneer within mental health services. Since the start in 2018, we have been guided by our vision to lower mental and physical barriers to professional help. With a team of more than 20 experienced psychologists and partnerships with primary care centers, Lägereld has provided more than 10 000 sessions and supported corporations across industries to foster sustainable employees. Through close dialogue with you as an employer, we tailor the offering to fit the specific needs of your organization.

Key features

Our business model builds upon the unique bridge between data collection and direct action. Through regular check-ins, we collect information about how your employees are feeling and offer direct access to meet with our psychologist. On an aggregated level, we use the data to provide you as an employer with actionable insights about how to strengthen the well-being of your workforce as well as the corporate culture. We also provide sessions for leadership teams and groups. Through this bridge, we support you as an employer to keep track of the well-being of your employees on a regular basis, whilst simultaneously ensuring that actions are provided when needed. Together, we foster a sustainable workforce through proactive actions.


Receive continuous support in the work of fostering sustainable employees
Obtain regular insight into the mental state of your workforce
Rest in the comfort that Lägereld supports you in keeping track of the mental health of your employees, through a process tailored to your needs

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