Happy at Work

An easy-to-use digital service to measure employee well-being through anonymous, fast and simple employee survey.

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An easy-to-use digital service where the employees answer an interactive survey within 10 seconds. They do this every week, bi-weekly or monthly. This gives managers distinct results and the service also helps the managers to keep track by providing intelligent algorithms and alarms for negative/positive trends. The service also provides tools such as an anonymous chat where managers can ask, without exposing, an employee exactly what is going on.

Key features

Happy at Work features include: Anonymous chat function, Extended survey - customize you own questions with a variety of response templates, Work environment right now, Work environment over time, Alarms – we help you detect negative trends through smart alarms, Send out surveys through SMS, email or Slack, Export the data you want to Excel or as an PDF.


Receive continuous insights how the employees work situation is.
Digital and very automated measurements of the work environment
Smart trend alarms that helps you to keep track

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