Fortnox is Sweden's leading provider of cloud-based software for companies, associations, accounting and auditing firms.

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Fortnox offers a cloud-based platform so that small business owners and accounting firms can manage their finances and administration effectively. With smart and automated solutions, they make accounting both easier and more fun. Receipts and supplier invoices are handled completely digitally and you automatically receive suggestions on how they should be posted. Fortnox have connections to all of Sweden's largest banks, which means that payments are easily handled directly from the program.

Key features

We are with you all the way. From a small effective solution for the sole proprietor, but quickly scalable upwards when business dreams become reality. Sweden's leading and most complete corporate platform - chosen by over 400,000 other entrepreneurs from all industries. Cloud-based - always updated, automatically backed up and always available where you want to work. The majority of all accounting firms use Fortnox - perfect for sharing your work. Access to other business services and to hundreds of external systems through partnerships. Free support. Even though our systems are easy to understand, you can sometimes get stuck. We are happy to help you.


Accounting - Fully cloud-based. And largely automated. With our smart solutions, accounting becomes both easier and more fun - regardless of company form, size of business, and the number of transactions.
Billing - With our invoicing program, you can easily charge your customers, completely digitally. If you also have your accounting in Fortnox, you get a lot of accounting automatically in a seamless process.
Salary Manage salaries and reporting more smoothly while you get the accounting automatically. Fortnox has two variants of payroll programs that make your business easier - and it is your needs that govern which you choose.

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