Evali is a science based psychometrics test used by recruiters to find the right candidates in a fair and efficient way.

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No matter if it’s about assessment, succession planning, or onboarding, we want it to be fair. Decisions should be free from bias and made to secure the best possible outcome. Through Evali, we give you a chance to make informed decisions. Evali is based on modern, evidence-based, and peer-reviewed research. All modules in evali are here because established science tells us that’s how things work. We (and the whole field) know what aspects of personality are important among successful leaders. And what factors have an impact on team efficiency. It’s through those insights that evali will assist you in making informed decisions. Evali is here to give you a true business impact through your people processes.

Key features

Always use tests early in the recruitment process. That gives the hiring organization the possibility to find the most suitable candidates without discriminating. In addition, it gives the candidate a chance to prove themselves a match without having “the right cv”. Through using assessments early on in the process, the organization reduces the risk that the recruiter’s or the hiring manager’s bias impacts the process. The profile that the result is matched against should summarize the challenges of the role and nothing else.


A personality test, or an assessment, is about understanding an individual on a deeper level. It’s also about understanding the difference between a number of candidates.
With Evali, you don’t end up as a color, an animal, or a strange unreadable combination of letters. Our test builds upon solid and established research within organizational psychology.
If you submit an evali assessment once, you can re-use the data in other applications. Either through attaching the report itself in your application or by allowing the organization that you are applying to access your report through our portal (and by that confirm that the result is connected to you).

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